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Transform your image into a visceral experience

by | Illustration & HD Retouching

We often talk about how beauty is intended. We do our best work at the intersection of art and science, driven by process and committed to elevating design integrity in the printed result. We’re also deeply creative and apply a keen eye for design. This art creation ‘magic’ really happens with our Illustration & HD Retouching team of graphic, photo illustration, and retouching experts.

Virtually every poster, advertisement, product packaging or magazine photo has begun as a seed concept, been photographed or illustrated, then been finished by a retouching expert armed with artistry and technology. Recipients of a Silver Spike ADDY and Communication Arts awards, we apply a unique art-and-science blend of advanced digital image technology, illustration, photo enhancement and creative thinking to create designs that stop viewers in their tracks.

Anyone who relies on great images to tell a story or build a brand image understands why great illustration and retouching is important to meeting design intent. In this blog, you get a small peek behind the curtain to learn how that happens.

At its most straightforward, this process of blending image creation, illustration, photography and 3D to meet design intent comes down to two main phases: conceptualization and retouching.


Even among creative people, not everyone ‘sees’ ideas. Often, brand owners have a design concept in mind but lack the visual cues to support the idea. By putting it into the hands of a visual artist accomplished in a variety of mediums, he or she can generate relevant, distinctive creative concepts able to tell the story succinctly and memorably.


More than eliminating red eye or removing shine from an image, retouching involves microscopic focus, substantial imagination, and bleeding-edge graphic technology. Whether the retouching removes or adds visual detail, the outcome is visual and visceral, permanently altering how people see and consider the subject.

Whether the creative relationship begins with creating a visual concept to bring an idea to life or starts somewhere in the refinement phase, it is framed by the process and driven by collaboration. As always, our team begins with the final design goal in mind, which starts as a conversation with the design team or creative director. Because the Filewurx team conceives ideas and communicates via images, the process phases are delineated by mockups and layouts throughout the production process. It enables the brand owner to confirm that the creative images are lining up with and proceeding toward accomplishing the original design intent. With that confirmation, the team produces the final high-resolution images.

From start to finish, communication is what glues the art, technology, and process together. We do whatever it takes to use image creation to elevate concepts with stunning visual creativity. The results tell the stories.

What story do you want to tell?

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