Recipe for success | SCHAWK!

Imagine a kitchen in which a dozen chefs each is preparing a single ingredient that will be combined into a complex, unified dish. If one element is less than perfect, it puts the entire meal at risk. But if each chef contributes a perfectly executed component, the resulting meal is memorable and wonderful to share.

Taking a brand image from design to print is similar. From start to finish, it’s possible to have dozens of individuals, each working on a single component of your project. Just like in a great kitchen, the most successful brands have someone who oversees the design development and print production workflow to make certain that all resources are in place, and checks and balances exist at each step.

For some of the most renowned brands in the world, we are that ‘someone’. In every project, we align client expectations with the best possible outcome for the design by maintaining six key process considerations:

  1. Complete visibility of every step from start to finish, with responsible parties noted
  2. A hands-on method to evaluate process improvement opportunities at each phase
  3. A clearly delineated system of checks and balances operating at each step of the workflow
  4. Pre-identified, available resource liaison(s) and subject matter expert(s) ready to address opportunities and challenges with the design development and print production
  5. An engaged project planning consultant, working by your side to anticipate and handle each step
  6. Reliable knowledge SharePoint across the supply chain to centralize information

In particular, putting the right checks and balances in place will reduce unnecessary, time-consuming revisions. They engender collaboration and make sure that quality control standards are carried through to the finish of the project. Evaluating the project at each step also produces measurable process improvement points useful for ongoing brand development.

A team of informed professionals engaging with a shared goal and an understanding of their roles in the process can improve collaboration and reduce the potential for redundancies. Better checks and balances mean fewer mistakes. Together, they all mean you can produce more, higher quality images in less time to keep your brand visible and fresh.

Do you have the resources, checks, and balances in place to assure that your brand image reaches its highest quality potential, efficiently and affordably? Who is overseeing each step in your workflow?

Is your art reproduction team working like a well-trained kitchen staff?

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