Design Process Assessment & Consulting | SCHAWK!

Conjure desire.

When asked whether we are art reproduction experts or a consultants, we say that we are consultants first, enabled by expertise.

Our team includes some of the most respected pioneers in color and prepress technology, and we’re quite pleased to bring them to the table. But the real difference is how we all work together to thoughtfully guide the process of taking your image from design to shelf.

The design process begins with helping everyone from the brand owner to the printer to embrace the ultimate project outcome. Our team assesses the current workflow to identify and get ahead of any potential hurdles in the journey from design to print. Applying more than a century of experience and industry relationships, we understand what designers want from their images, and what capabilities and limitations printers face in reproducing design. The workflow acknowledges those factors and engages a unique, template-base process.

Clarifying the movement from design to shelf, we enable greater collaboration, minimize redundancies and engage the right technologies at each production point. The approach mitigates delays and inaccuracies, ultimately reducing the time and cost of production.

Creating the most beautiful images is our mission. Design process is our approach. Stewardship means measurable, enduring success for your brand.

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