Engage memory and desire at the point of purchase.

Today’s consumer is always connected. Almost three-quarters of buyers make purchase decisions inside store walls, yet they make choices based on more information than ever before.

Constantly switching between media channels, shoppers no longer wander store aisles hoping to stumble upon something they want to buy. They are immersed in an omni-channel retail universe in which brick-and-mortar purchases are influenced largely by brand memory.

Beautiful, strategically crafted POS and POP displays can engage brand awareness built outside the store. These tools grab customer attention, even in an environment crowded with potentially hundreds of other brand options. And most importantly, they cultivate desire at the right moment to drive the sale.

Brand color consistency is more critical than ever. Your POS and POP must coordinate with everything else in the marketing mix, including the other in-store elements. It must also include digital tools like QR codes so the customer can engage with the display.

Today’s POS and POP display strategy goes far beyond putting the right images at eye level. Done well, these tools reduce shelf time, accelerate sales and prompt impulse purchases.

As a leading art reproduction company, we have helped hundreds of brands manage every detail of their in-store project. Every step in our end-to-end process will transform your image into a tool that drives sales.

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