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Packaging can tell your story from the shelf.

Consider this. We live in a consumer economy where the marketplace is defined by chaos. Regardless, more than 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the shelf, and that decision generally is made in less than three seconds.

Approximately 75% of people describe themselves as visual learners, forming thoughts and emotions based on what they see. With all that said, we hardly need to reiterate the importance of visually powerful packaging.

As a brand owner, your packaging must go beyond protecting your product and making it simple and fun to use. It has to cut through the clutter to allure and inspire action.

The right graphics and brand color consistency are essential to the success of your product. It is fundamental to how your packaging conveys information, tells your story, and conjures trust and emotion.

We secure the integrity and power of your packaging through consistent, high-fidelity brand color consistency. Our holistic, consultative approach promotes collaboration across the entire workflow from design to print. Each step is enabled by innovative color technologies, like Expanded Color Gamut (ECG), which frees designers from color limitations and makes the print process more successful and repeatable for printers.

You have a powerful story to tell, and people will judge the book by its cover. Done right, every step from the design of your packaging to its realization in the marketplace will exponentially increase the power of your image.

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