Pete Graybill | SCHAWK!

“I provide the analytical and financial perspective to our focus on Quality, Turn-time and Price.”

Pete Graybill is the Executive Vice President of Finance & Administration for Beck, a print reproduction authority respected for a process-driven focus on Quality, Turn-time, and Price. A Certified Public Accountant, Pete provides expertise in financial accounting and reporting, risk management, employee benefits, process improvement and efficiency, data collection and analysis.

Since 1985, Pete has had a role in the ongoing success of Beck in the print reproduction industry. His place as a member of the Beck executive team came naturally, having grown up with a father and grandfather who ran a camera store and photo processing business for 60 years.

Pete came to Beck from Price Waterhouse to establish and manage the accounting and finance operations. Since then, he has contributed to sustained company growth by providing attentive budgeting, process analysis and improvement, and data collection and analysis. In addition to focusing on the strategic financial management of the company, Pete also provides analytics to help Beck teams support clients with the highest levels of quality and accountability.

In addition to his ongoing tenure with Beck, Pete also has dedicated his time as a board member of the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia since 1980.