Mark Causey | SCHAWK!

“Years of color expertise enables Beck to differentiate itself as a leader in the field.”

Mark Causey is the Director of Color Technologies for Beck, a print reproduction authority specialized in elevating brand images. Widely recognized as an industry pioneer, Mark is responsible for directing client success through color reproduction, quality and execution to print media.

A member of the Beck team since 1991, Mark applies a keenly developed eye for color and specialized scientific expertise. His work has helped to secure Beck’s leadership in creating replicable, impactful design. Through his work, some of the most recognized brands in the world including the Coca-Cola Company and Georgia-Pacific have successfully projected brand images that resonate and command attention across every medium and format.

Mark is a highly certified expert in color reproduction and management. He holds G7 Expert and Color Management Professional Certifications by the IDEAlliance, is a member of the Standards Committee for the FTA and is a judge for Excellence Awards with the FTA. He also spends his weekends as a matador, proving that the best image reproduction professionals are as brave as they are attuned to beauty.

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