Dustin Tantum | SCHAWK!

“I strive to provide the best tools, services, and systems, in order to serve our internal and external clients as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Dustin Tantum is the Director of Technology for Beck, a print reproduction industry pioneer. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Dustin blends artistic penchant with technology expertise to support Beck and company clients.

Since 1999, Dustin has been responsible for the technical direction of the company. He works to empower the Beck workflow with the precise tools needed for the most efficient, effective art reproduction process. Specifically, he directs the research, development, implementation and maintenance of tools and services that enable Beck to produce powerful, consistent and beautiful images.

In addition to an active interest in technology, Dustin is also an avid classic Volkswagen enthusiast, especially the 1950-1967 Microbus varieties.

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