Why and how to conduct press checks in the art reproduction process

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press_checkThe art reproduction process means taking a brand image and producing it as a printed graphic, positioned and evoked in a context or variety of contexts, on a medium or variety of mediums. Aside from the conspicuous outcome of the graphic reproduction process, producing a brand image is also about something much more fundamental – meeting stakeholder expectations from start to finish.

That intangible is perhaps even more complex and important than the physical processes involved, and it is why press checks are a vital component of the workflow.

Press checks are one of the most valuable tactics in the process of ensuring the workflow and production process are moving toward meeting preset expectations. Conducting press checks ensures accountability that color management processes are being followed by print supply partners including the separators, ink suppliers, platemakers, printers and even brand owners. Giving eyes and a voice to each stakeholder throughout the process engenders collaboration and can diagnose potential issues in real time, mitigating errors and pinpointing solutions.

Along with setting expectations, the scheduling of press checks is important to address in the first step in the art reproduction process. From the point when the design and brand standards are submitted, expectations should be set across the workflow as to when checks will occur and what they will verify. With accountability checks clear, the brand owner can identify the right print partners, technology optimization, and outcomes.

Beck facilitates the process of setting expectations, aligning accountability checks and scheduling checks at the right phases. By identifying the various key production stage gates, we then can put press check standards in place to ensure measurable accuracy and accountability from start to finish. This process also identifies the stakeholder profiles and print capabilities from the beginning of the process, giving the brand owner improved transparency about the process and outcomes so that they can set realistic expectations for the process and outcomes.

When you begin your print process, do you know how and where to measure progress?

We can help identify those key measurement points. Let us walk you through the workflow so every stakeholder in your process is working methodically toward the success of your image. Get in touch today.

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