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The best way to protect and use your creative treasures

by | Digital Asset Management

Chances are, whether you know it or not, you have digital assets. “What are digital assets”, you ask? They are any kind of text content or media, digitally created as a result of past efforts, and the rights to use them. In short, they are the byproducts of your communications, creative, and advertising endeavors.

Most likely, you have lots of digital assets, representing an enormous level of investment. Like a treasure chest, this collection of creativity should be protected and used wisely.

Managing your asset investments is vital to the efficiency and bottom line of your organization. And the best way to secure the value of your communication projects is through a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

A secure managed DAM system is a central repository for printer templates, design files, separated PDF’s and printer files. It empowers success during the design process and after your assets have been approved and produced.

During any stage of the design to print workflow, this systematic, purposeful organization of digital media files gives stakeholders the ability to review files so they know where a job is in the process and what, if any, issues need to be addressed. So even before final approved assets are put into this closely managed data repository, a good DAM system is protecting your brand by creating transparencies and preventing errors.

Once an asset is finalized as part of the password secured database, individuals authorized to manage your brand assets can download, upload and utilize approved digital assets anytime, from anywhere via the web. Your approved, high-resolution assets become – and remain – reliable, quality tools for building your brand in the marketplace.

Aware that for many organizations using a DAM system is somewhat uncharted territory, we take a phased approach to implementing a customized, advanced solution.

  • Phase One: You receive a dedicated team of specialists who help you to clarify the requirements and priorities for your asset management, and then architect the best possible solution.
  • Phase Two: We implement and integrate the necessary technology mix for your solution, then test it to avoid any possible issues prior to rollout.
  • Phase Three: Your team continues to support your evolving asset management needs, helping you to scale your DAM system to accommodate new forms and rising quantities of assets in the repository.

We understand the potential of your creative bank to be a source of intelligence for your organization and agility for your brand. By customizing and fully supporting your solution, we make sure you can maximize and extend the value of your communication and marketing projects.

How can we help you to organize and manage your incredible creative jewels?

This is a case where the chest is as valuable as the treasures inside.