Stand out with color! | SCHAWK!

Did you know that the average American takes in more than 3,000 marketing messages each day?

That sounds impossible, but think about it for a moment. Look out the window of your car, even on a rural road, and you’re as likely to see billboards as you are to see trees. (And they’re often faded, text-heavy, adding blockish presence to the road noise.) Go to the grocery. It’s like a full-on brand assault.

Magazine stand? Ad images.

The subway? Shopping mall? Movie theater?

You get the picture. We live in a consumer culture where brands are everywhere.

What is the brand owner to do? How do you create the kind of presence that engenders a relationship with the consumer, is memorable and repeatable, and produces a sustainable revenue source? How do you pursue ubiquity? Heck, how do you create a brand presence that is more like the charismatic popular kid at the party, than the wallflower – you know, there, but just quietly plastered to the wall.

The answer is Color!

But that’s not as simple as it sounds. Look at any aurora borealis and you’ll know that there is the kind of color we find in a crayon box, and then there is capital letter, make-you-look COLOR that has a pulse. Historically, the problem for brand owners (and the printers who are working hard to produce the final image) is that design has been constrained by boxed-in color palates.

The printing process has long been blamed for these frustrating limitations. Historically, designers have been restricted by the number of colors they could use by the number of ink decks in the printing press. This reality has been bad for everyone – the designer who is creatively limited, the printer who knows the produced image will have flat, restrained color, and the brand owner, whose customer is unengaged.

We are changing all that. Through this blog, we will introduce you to some of the technologies and processes we are using to remove the rules from the art reproduction process. You will gain insight into the science that enables true, organic color to translate successfully from design to shelf, freeing designers to create for the brand rather than the printing process. We have a passion for images, a commitment to brand stewardship, and expertise in color science.

This blog is meant to educate and inspire. We’re excited to help you to uncover the potential of brand images to stand above the 2,999 others that will vie for our eyes, minds and hearts.

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