Mechanical Development / Color Separator | SCHAWK!

Personal Attributes and Characteristics

  • This position is a key roll in the packaging production process. This position requires knowledge and proficiency in packaging execution workflows. Teamwork, process mentality and emphasis on time and quality are essential. Eliminating waste in the workflow is also a vital characteristic of this role.
  • We feel that professionals with this unique blend of attributes will guarantee our client’s success.
  • Good communicator with a strong ability to learn. Have a sense of urgency and passion for the business.
  • Can be assertive to improve the process in the interest of quality and brand integrity. Work well in a team environment, but can also be somewhat independent.
  • Have the objective judgment and decisiveness to find solutions, think clearly, and make timely decisions. Consistently strive to focus on the client.

Direct Report: Director of Operations

RREs for this position relative to PPT (People, Process, Technology)


  • Review job ticket instructions to determine artwork and separation requirement
  • Efficient mechanical development / color separation skills in Esko and Adobe applications. Proficiency with electronic workflows – understanding of job routing and processing.
  • Ability to troubleshoot files to discern why the files are not functioning properly.
  • Ability to comprehend and execute printer specs and other standard packaging requirements.
  • Ability to modify layout, design, trapping, and color separations to enhance printability
  • Approach your job in a “Proactive process manner” to achieve workflow improvements related to QT (Quality, Time, & Price)
  • Must take ownership of projects.
  • Approach your job and Team with a positive attitude.
  • Previous employment with prepress company or printer in a fast paced environment is preferred.


  • Using appropriate software applications (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) to perform art/mechanical development
  • Mechanical development skills:
  • Develop mechanical artwork with the printing process in mind while maintaining original design intent.
  • Apply trapping and color separation strategies as required.
  • Produce final files and deliverables based on client requirements.
  • QC all work performed following the department’s SOPs.
  • Collect relevant PPT information and participate in continuous improvement activities.


  • Experience with multiple Mac/PC applications: Expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and Esko packaging solutions.