The process of beauty

Written by Beck on . Posted in Color Management, Print Management, Print Reproduction, Production Management


creative_idea_lightbulbCreativity is not a limited asset. Most of us have the capacity for producing interesting, compelling ideas. Yet for brand owners, creative design is the lifeblood of commercial success. Tremendous resources go toward producing and testing designs that will connect with consumers. Too often, this initial intent is diminished as an image moves through the printing process.

5 key information stage gates in color reproduction process

Written by Kent Hatterick on . Posted in Color Management, Production Management


color_reproduction_processFor a successful design-to-print process, establishing information stage gates are as important as starting with a great design, involving an intelligent team and using sophisticated technologies. In a recent post, we discussed the importance of scheduling and conducting press checks to ensure accountability for key stakeholders, and to keep the art and color reproduction process moving smoothly. Press checks keep design issues from slowing the workflow.


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