Traffic cop and crossing guard

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sailing_vessel_sail_shipRecently, I sailed with a group of friends through the British Virgin Islands. For most of us, this was our first time on an ocean catamaran and our first time in this distant part of the world. To make sure we would get safely from island to island, we hired a captain. While we started out just looking for someone to drive the boat (so to speak), it became immediately apparent that he would get us through our journey and act as a guide along the way. With Captain Ross at the helm, we didn’t just sail the islands, we experienced them, learning about the waters, reefs, islands, history and best spots to eat lobster on the sand or jump from cliffs.

Why and how to conduct press checks in the art reproduction process

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press_checkThe art reproduction process means taking a brand image and producing it as a printed graphic, positioned and evoked in a context or variety of contexts, on a medium or variety of mediums. Aside from the conspicuous outcome of the graphic reproduction process, producing a brand image is also about something much more fundamental – meeting stakeholder expectations from start to finish.

How wide is your rainbow?

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Expanded Color Gamut (ECG)At Beck, we often talk about what happens at the intersection of beauty and process. When art and science come together in art reproduction, it can generate stunning brand images that have power in the marketplace.

All too often, traditional printing process rules have diminished, rather than elevated, the intent of an original design. The art reproduction industry has long been encumbered by print constraints that cause an image to lose design integrity in the production process. Too many designers have conceded to having to create artwork with a specific, limited set of colors based on the ink decks in the print process.

Stand out with color!

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Did you know that the average American takes in more than 3,000 marketing messages each day?

That sounds impossible, but think about it for a moment. Look out the window of your car, even on a rural road, and you’re as likely to see billboards as you are to see trees. (And they’re often faded, text-heavy, adding blockish presence to the road noise.) Go to the grocery. It’s like a full-on brand assault.


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