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4 considerations for world class print results

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Print reproduction, like many other things in life, is most successful when an end goal guides the journey. When a brand owner designs an image that is meant to represent the particular value of a product or service, the integrity of that final, printed graphic is an absolute imperative. But too often, taking a design from concept to print is as rife with opportunity for a breakdown as it is for success. And as you’re well aware, both impact the bottom line.

Preplanning means starting a package design project with final printed result in mind. You can’t underestimate the importance of an organized, transparent approach. In fact, a templated preplanning process may be the only reliable means for achieving truly beautiful, resonant images time after time.

With us, pre-planning begins with connecting clients, printers and project stakeholders to ensure everyone involved is fully engaged in the key components of the process. In preparation for print reproduction, here are the four main points to consider:

The Supply Chain: Across the workflow, identify the resources that can produce the image as it is designed. Make sure each piece of technology and each expert are up to the task.

The Print Process: From the introduction of the design, have full buy-in from the printer regarding the capacity of the print process and tools to ensure the integrity of the printed result.

The Substrate: Know the material on which the packaging will be printed. Specifically, consider the following material and print combinations:

Paper: Are you printing on white, kraft, or colored paper?
Poly: Are you printing on white or clear plastic? Is it surface printing or reverse?
Clear: If you’re printing on a clear substrate, is white ink needed?
Colors: How many colors do you need to accomplish your design? Can your print process accommodate the shadows, overlays, and fades? Remember, white is a color.

There is no doubt that pre-planning requires higher levels of organization and communication across the workflow. The results, however, speak to the immutable value of the process. We measure success through what we call “QTP” – Quality, Turn-Time, and Price. Because of our rigorous pre-planning focus, our clients and stakeholders are pleased with final printed results that meet, and often exceed, design intent. Having the right production tools and experts in place can actually enhance the quality of the image and avoid potential redundancies, overruns, compromises, and reprints which translate into vital time and cost savings.

You’ve heard it said that the ‘devil is in the details.’ Are you starting each print process with every factor in place?

We have more than a century of success guiding images from concept to print. Contact us to see how we can help you.